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Black Island

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Janet Belarmino’s Philippines Young Explorers Program allows you to travel and explore responsibly. Vacation with a purpose and help bring the beauty of the world into the classroom.  The Young Explorers Program connects school, institution and families around the world with educators, scientists, artists and explorers on expeditions to help teach targeted curriculum in a fun and meaningful way.
“Palawan-The Best Islands in the World – Condé Nast Traveler”
Among the program’s aims is to create environmental awareness among the youth and for them to experience and highlight the beauty of the planet.
Among the program’s aims is to create environmental awareness among the youth and for them to experience and highlight the beauty of the planet.
During the expedition, you will visit places like Black Island, Coron Island, Lusong Gun Boat and many pristine islands and their beautiful coral reefs. From start to finish, crew/team members will learn to provision, develop the itinerary, plan the route and safely lead expeditions while developing skills to collect and communicate important information. Skills to be taught include:

Swimming and Snorkeling

Map work and navigation

Wilderness first aid and rescue

Rock climbing and abseiling

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“Moved by the imposing landscape and touched by the kindness and generosity of the locals, like countless others you will long to return to this magical place before you’ve even left.”

Black Island Drone Footage

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About Janet Belarmino Forney and Belarmino Ventures

On May 16th 2007, Janet became one of the 3 women (with Noelle Wenceslao and Carina Dayondon) to be the First Women in the world to traverse Mt. Everest- climbing from Chinese ABC camp to the summit of Everest and back down to Nepal- a record still unbroken. She is the youngest mother to summit Everest, standing on top of the world 5 months after giving birth. She is also one of the first Filipinas to summit Mt. Everest and one of the first 3 Filipinas to become the first Southeast Asian women to summit Mt. Everest.

After climbing Mt. Everest, Janet took on the epic and historical sailing Voyage of the Balangay in 2010, where she and her teammates made a replica of the ancient boat Balangay carbon dated 320A.D and sailed it around South East Asia.

In 2012, Janet sailed with her husband Todd Forney and son Himalaya on their 32 ft Tahiti Ketch from Langkawi Malaysia, down the Malacca, around Singapore, across the North coast of Borneo and up the West Coast of Palawan. The same year, Janet and Todd started BELARMINO VENTURES which provide island boat expeditions in Northern Palawan and high altitude mountaineering expeditions worldwide. She is also a motivational speaker from the world of adventure, exploration and endurance, Janet has pushed herself to the edge. August 2017. The unexpected tragedy and untimely death of Janet’s daughter recently led her and her family on the hardest expedition they have ever experienced. An expedition she never signed up for.  A 30 day trek to the valley of memories where she and her husband built a memorial for their daughter, Amihan, at 5000mtrs asl – turning tragedy into transformation, loss into legacy.  She is someone who has taken on some of the hardest and most treacherous journeys on the planet. In short, she is precisely the kind of person to inspire others to achieve great things.


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