This is a short film is about Andrew Rock and Jan McCollum attempting to onsight The Bachar/Yerian in Tuolumne Meadows. The “B&Y” is one of the best rock climbs in the world but its reputation for being super runout keeps most mortals away.

This infamous four-pitch route was put up by John Bachar and Dave Yerian in the 1980s. It boasts huge runouts between bolts and at the grade of 5.11cR/X represents more of a mental challenge than anything else. Make no mistake, however, as some of the strongest guys in the world, Wolfgang Gullich and Jerry Moffat come to mind, have taken giant whippers as they failed to onsight. This rock climb is a testament to the Stonemasters ethics and Bachar’s incredible vision.

“Andrew and Jan are not professional climbers, but they embody the spirit of the sport. I hope you enjoy this tale of their climb,” said director by Cole Gibson.

The Bachar/Yerian

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