Back of the Lake has some of Canada’s most classic rock climbs that follow slopers and splitters up smooth quartzite. Routes like Wicked Gravity 5.11 and The Path 5.14 are must-climbs for climbers who can send the grades.

The crag, which is found at the back of Lake Louise in Alberta, now has a new 47-metre 5.13d thanks to Braden Bester. Bester said, “It ascends the face to the left of Venom and right of Ash Wednesday.” You climb Turtle Mountain and continue up the first four bolts of Venom then branch left. Lower twice with a 70-metre rope, but a 100-metre rope is recommended.

“Looked up at this face for years before I finally decided to actually go up and put the bolts in,” said Bester on Sendage. “Took a ton of effort to drill this line and many days of effort to finally send. Couldn’t be happier about the way it turned out. Hope other people climb it and comment on the grade.”

Top climber Sonnie Trotter, who made the first ascent of The Path over a decade ago ran a lap on The Empyrean and said it’s like a 5.13b/c into a V8.

The Empyrean FA

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