El Nido To El Nido 5 Day 4 Night Tour


This Palawan Island Boat Adventures Tour allows you to enjoy the remote islands of Linapacan, being away from the usual tourist area, bringing you back home to El Nido..

Our trip is for the adventure traveler of all ages. We see the likes of long time adventurers, professionals on an adventurous break to the young and first time explorers. It is a social adventurous outdoor experience for those who want a little more than the average tour package.Our Open Group Expeditions are suitable for travelers of all ages. Open Group numbers ranges from 8-18 guests on each expedition. We cannot confirm the size of the groups in advance.

40% Deposit per person to secure your spot.

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Our expedition includes the following:

all meals including snacks in betweennon alcoholic drinks ( coffee, tea, juice, mineral water)

mask and snorkel

tent accommodation with basic pads,bedding, pillows and blankets

fishing gears

paddling boats

all island fees

overnight camping in selected base camps or rough camping in isolated islands

A unique adventure!

Our expedition does NOT include the following:

Alcoholic drinks (However, we provide a cooler to keep your drinks cold for you)Towels and Fins

Accommodation and transportation before and after the expedition

Any personal expenses on the village that we will stop and immerse with.

Voluntary tip for the back bone of the expedition, the crew.

Boat transfer fees if in case you miss the departure time/ day or in the case that  you have to leave earlier than the rest of the group and arrive to a certain destination ahead of the arrival schedule.

A fee of Php200/person for Eco Tourism Development Fee which is valid for 10 days.

Any transfer fees via PayPal, bank to bank or on line credit cards payments

Perfect weather

OUR EXPEDITIONS EXPLORE THE RAW AND REMOTE ISLANDS BETWEEN EL NIDO AND CORON. THEY ARE AWESOME YET THEY ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE! If you are the type who believes what makes a difference between an ordeal from adventure is one’s attitude, then this trip might be for you. This is an Expedition, not a tour… you will camp on islands, you may be bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, you may get wet from the rain while camping or traveling on the boat, boat engines may break down, the seas will not be calm and smooth at all times but your safety will always be prioritized. The expedition may be easy or it may be uncomfortable or even hard sometimes.

Before applying to take part in our expedition you must understand that what we offer is not a tour or a hotel.

Palawan Isles understand that what we do and offer is difficult and can be at times out of the comfort zone of some individuals. A place of the unknown and the unexpected. This is the lifestyle of the men and women of Palawan Isles and as much as they love it, they understand that it is not for everyone. We do not guarantee a nice relaxing time, in fact, we do not guarantee anything. We just provide all the tools to explore this awesome archipelago. & In the end … YOU and your adventurous spirit are the deciding factors!

We highly recommend all travelers must have their own Travel Insurance. Remember that you will be traveling in a remote island. You should get a travel-insurance policy that cover loss and medical problems, missed and Scheduled Airline Failure connection, theft, and dangerous activities.