From the world of adventure, exploration and endurance. Real life stories by Janet Belarmino

Motivational Speaking

Janet Belarmino is considered as one of the top motivational speakers in the Philippines. She is from the world of adventure, exploration and endurance. Janet has pushed herself to the edge, someone who has  taken on some of the hardest and most treacherous journeys on the planet. In short, she is precisely the kind of person who can inspire others to achieve great things.

Manila’s Best Motivational Speaker

Janet Belarmino’s mixture of high-quality climbing photographs and videos along with her casual style creates a comfortable environment for any audience. Her ability to connect to each person with her speaking style and presence helps everyone become part of the event and take away something special for themselves. She is not the standard speaker with a tightly memorized script. She brings to life the experience of “Our everyday Everest” shedding light on the expedition she never signed up for. She engages her audience in a positive yet real life stories that will shed some light for others who find themselves on their darkest paths or amidst the hardest challenges in their struggle of life. Push Boundaries, Achieve Goals, Motivate Your Team With Janet Belarmino And Reach New Limits


Janet Belarmino provides unique life changing experiences ranging from motivational keynote speaking to mountaineering, trekking, training and island boat adventures  

In 2012 Janet started, BELARMINO VENTURES providing expeditions in Northern Palawan and high altitude mountaineering expeditions worldwide. Experiences is her new brand catering to clients with a more hands on approach Through he recently founded “Pinoy Himalayan Mountaineering Club.”

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